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Title Publication Date
It's Springtime For Mahmoud Abbas The National Interest June 21, 2024
Washington's Mideast Messaging Needs An Upgrade Newsweek June 13, 2024
Failed State From The Start: Why A Sovereign Palestine Isn't Happening Any Time Soon The Hill May 31, 2024
Iran's Unexpected Regional Revival Horizons Spring 2024
A Litmus Test For Biden's Iran Policy Newsweek May 3, 2024
Hasbara Doesn't Work: Israel Needs A New Form Of Messaging The Jerusalem Post April 24, 2024
The Iranian-Israeli Cold War Is Turning Hot The National Interest April 16, 2024
Israel Seeks A New Strategic Concept National Institute for Public Policy Information Series No. 583 April 11, 2024
The True Obstacles To A Palestinian State Newsweek April 2, 2024
The Limits Of Israeli-Saudi Rapprochement AFPC Insights April 1, 2024
Russia's Islamist Terror Threat Reemerges The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune March 2024
What Moscow Truly Wants From Kyiv: Total Submission The Hill March 20, 2024
The War On Terror Is Back The National Interest March 15, 2024
Another Way Congress Can Help Ukraine The Washington Times March 7, 2024
It's Time To Let America's Iran Outreach Be All It Can Be Newsweek March 5, 2024
Moscow Is Waging War On Ukrainian Identity, And Belarus Is Helping The Hill February 18, 2024
Joe Biden's Real Iran Problem The National Interest February 4, 2024
Don't Count On China To Curb Iran Newsweek February 1, 2024
Grassroots Radicalism Is Clouding Gaza's Future The Hill January 16, 2024
Israel And Hezbollah Are Headed Toward A New War Newsweek January 11, 2024
Ukraine War In 2024: How Kyiv Can Improve Its Position Overall The National Interest January 3, 2024
Putin's Plan: To Outlast Kyiv And The West The Messenger December 11, 2023
Israel Is Finally Starting To See China And Russia Clearly Newsweek December 6, 2023
Biden's Ukraine Policy Is Less Than Meets the Eye Newsweek November 7, 2023
Israel's New War Is Part Of Iran's Strategic Plan The National Interest October 20, 2023
America's Iran Policy Needs A Reset Newsweek October 11, 2023
How Israel Thinks About Iran's Future AFPC Iran Strategy Brief no. 14 October 2023
America And The "War of Ideas" Against Islamic Extremism AFPC Defense Dossier iss. 36 August 2023
Biden's Ill-Considered Ransom-For-Hostages Deal With Iran Imperils Everyone The Hill August 25, 2023
Russia Is Settling In For A War Of Attrition Newsweek August 15, 2023
The War In Ukraine Is Also A 'Food Fight' The Hill July 21, 2023
The Fallout From Prigozhin's Putsch The Messenger July 5, 2023
Turkey's Economy Is In Deep Trouble Newsweek June 28, 2023
Ukraine Is The Graveyard Of Europe's Last Empire The Washington Times June 16, 2023
Ukraine Is The Graveyard Of Europe's Last Empire The Washington Times June 16, 2023
Backing Russia Is Costing China In Europe Foreign Policy May 30, 2023
Russia's Military Is Less Than Meets The Eye The Hill May 24, 2023
New Rules In Israel's North Newsweek May 16, 2023
Making Sense Of Israel's Judicial Reform Crisis AFPC Insights May 10, 2023
Israel's Deepening Iran Dilemma The Washington Times May 8, 2023
Russia's Independent Media Diaspora Needs Our Support Newsweek April 14, 2023
Courting A New Iran Deal - And Disaster National Review April 11, 2023
In Diplomatic Black Eye For Washington, China Reshuffles Middle East Deck The Washington Times March 15, 2023
Israel Approaches A Red Line As Iran's Nuclear Dreams Near Fulfillment Newsweek March 10, 2023
The Kremlin Isn't Just Fighting Ukraine. It's Fighting The Future AFPC INSIGHTS March 1, 2023
Parsing Russian Support For Putin's War The Hill February 20, 2023
A New Page in the Russo–Iranian Partnership Jerusalem Strategic Tribune February 2023
For Russia, Information Is As Valuable As An Army Of Tanks Newsweek February 14, 2023
Western Business Is Still Sustaining Russia's War The Hill January 30, 2023
How Jerusalem Views Western Sahara Is A Test On Partnership Jerusalem Post January 16, 2023
Russia's Propaganda Is More Persuasive Than We Think Newsweek January 5, 2023
It's Time For The West To Cultivate An Alternative Information Ecosystem In Russia Politico December 22, 2022
What Ukraine Needs To End The War The Washington Times December 20, 2022
Chinese Tech Is Powering Iran's Repression Newsweek December 6, 2022
The Real Costs Of Russia's Ukraine War The Hill November 30, 2022
Russia's African Profile Is Receding... At Least For Now Al Hurra Digital November 11, 2022
Suddenly, A More Sober European Turn On Iran Newsweek November 7, 2022
Putin's War Is Deepening Russia's Religious Divide Newsweek October 10, 2022
Iran Plots An Eastern Exit Al Hurra Digital September 27, 2022
In the War For Global Opinion, China Is Winning Newsweek September 20, 2022
What Might Be Going On With Darya Dugina's Assassination? Washington Examiner September 14, 2022
Six Months On, The Costs Of The Ukraine War Are Mounting... For Russia Newsweek August 30, 2022
Anticipating Iran's Future The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune August 2022
The Sources Of Russian Conduct Journal of Policy & Strategy Vol. 2, Iss. 3, 2022
Zawahiri Killing Exposes Biden's Foreign-Policy Contradictions National Review August 5, 2022
How the U.S.-Israel Partnership Is Tackling China Newsweek July 26, 2022
Russia's African Inroads Bear Watching Al Hurra Digital July 18, 2022
NATO Gets A New Lease On Life – For Now inFocus Quarterly Summer 2022
The Logic of Israel's Laser Wall National Institute for Public Policy Information Series No. 526 June 23, 2022
Africa's Coming Food Crisis – And How To Help Alleviate It Al Hurra Digital June 20, 2022
The Ukraine War Has Become A Waiting Game Newsweek June 7, 2022
A Paradigm Shift For The Russian-Iranian Alliance Al Hurra Digital May 28, 2022
News Flash: The Islamic Republic Is Far From Popular Newsweek May 24, 2022
Crisis and Opportunity in U.S. Mideast Policy National Institute for Public Policy Occasional Paper May 2022
How Not To Counter Disinformation Newsweek May 5, 2022
Russia's New Iron Curtain National Review April 3, 2022
Israel Considers Its Iran Options Al Hurra Digital April 1, 2022
Fueling An Iranian Comeback The Hill March 16, 2022
The Decline Of Russian Disinformation Newsweek March 2, 2022
War In Ukraine Will Echo Through The Middle East Al Hurra Digital February 16, 2022
Putin's War Plans Are Far From Popular Newsweek February 11, 2022
Deterring Russia Is A NATO Imperative Daily Caller January 31, 2022
Outside Of Washington, Morocco Is Winning Al-Hurra Digital January 27, 2022
Russia's War On The Media Is Very Real 19fortyfive January 25, 2022
Inflation Gives Biden An Incentive For A Bad Iran Deal Wall Street Journal January 20, 2022
Propaganda Enables Putin's Aggression The Hill December 20, 2021
Tehran Sets The Table In Vienna Washington Examiner November 30, 2021
Iran, Like China, Isn't A Responsible Stakeholder Newsweek November 26, 2021
The Criminalization Of The World Economy The International Economy Fall 2021
Egypt's Biggest Worry Is Its Population Al-Hurra Digital October 27, 2021
Toward A Public Diplomacy Strategy For The 21st Century AFPC Defense Dossier October 2021
Biden Is Backtracking On Syria Newsweek October 11, 2021
Why An Israeli Military Option Against Iran Is Back On The Table National Review October 5, 2021
What Morocco's Elections Mean Al-Hurra Digital September 27, 2021
Riyadh Turns East Newsweek September 14, 2021
The Costs Of The Afghan Catastrophe Al-Hurra Digital August 24, 2021
America Is Missing Out On Middle East Progress Al-Hurra Digital August 12, 2021
Iran's Water Crisis Could Be A Political Earthquake The Hill August 9, 2021
America's Iran Policy Pendulum Chapter in Iran In-Between Us (Tactics Institute, August 2021) August 4, 2021
If The Afghan Government Falls To The Taliban, The Country Could Once Again Become A Haven For Terrorists The Daily Caller July 13, 2021
Why Has China Turned On Israel? Jerusalem Post July 5, 2021
A Coronation In Tehran Al-Hurra Digital June 23, 2021
What Biden And Putin Didn't Discuss The Hill June 21, 2021
A New Era For Iran's Ambitions In The Western Hemisphere The National Interest June 14, 2021
The Islamic State, and After Chapter in Wars of Ideas: Theology, Interpretation and Power in the Muslim World (Rowman & Littlefield, 2021) May 2021
Four Priorities For The Biden-Putin Summit Newsweek June 10, 2021
Foreign Actors Are Hacking America's Democracy The National Interest June 1, 2021
How Hamas Seized The Political Moment Al-Hurra Digital May 24, 2021
Iranians Aren't Listening To America The Hill May 20, 2021
Washington Is Misreading Iranian Politics Newsweek May 18, 2021
North Africa Is Becoming A New Frontier For U.S.-China Competition Al-Hurra Digital April 30, 2021
Morocco's Message: Beware Iran's African Inroads The National Interest April 23, 2021
Death by Harmony American Purpose April 22, 2021
A Moment Of Truth For Morocco Newsweek April 14, 2021
China Chooses Sides In The Middle East Al-Hurra Digital March 29, 2021
Iranians Are Looking Beyond Ayatollahs And The Islamic Republic The Washington Times March 24, 2021
Iran's Opposition Is Sending Washington A Message Newsweek March 15, 2021
Biden Has A Mandate To Compete With China The Hill March 10, 2021
Biden's Mideast Policy Could Become A Victim Of Beijing's Success Newsweek March 3, 2021
Joe Biden's Pressure On Saudi Arabia Has High Stakes The National Interest March 1, 2021
What Israel Is Telling Biden About Iran Al-Hurra Digital February 23, 2021
Joe Biden's Secret Weapon For Resetting Iran Policy Politico February 17, 2021
Ideology Is Making Iran Even Sicker Al-Hurra Digital February 4, 2021
Iran's Ayatollahs Want A New Deal Newsweek February 1, 2021
What Will Joe Biden Do About The Iran-al-Qaida Connection? USA Today January 14, 2021
How Iran Is Building Leverage Over Biden Al-Hurra Digital January 9, 2021
Gauging The Future Of The Not-So Islamic Republic Of Iran The Washington Times December 31, 2020
The Israel-Morocco Deal Is a Triumph for Trump—and Biden, Too Newsweek December 21, 2020
Israel Aims To Make Iran's Nuclear Program A Risky Venture Newsweek December 1, 2020
Why Iran's Syria Strategy Is Shifting The National Interest November 28, 2020
Morocco And The Normalization Question Al-Hurra Digital November 11, 2020
Will Biden Pivot On Iran? Newsweek November 9, 2020
America's Iran Policy Heads Toward A Crossroads Al-Hurra Digital October 23, 2020
Charting China's Plummeting Popularity Around The World The Washington Times October 14, 2020
Beijing's Terrifying Repression Campaigns Newsweek September 24, 2020
The Waning Power Of The Palestinian Cause Al-Hurra Digital September 22, 2020
Nineteen Years On, We Face A Resilient Islamist Threat The Hill September 14, 2020
Moscow And Beijing Want To Arm The Ayatollahs Al-Hurra Digital September 3, 2020
ISIS Is Using The COVID Distraction To Rearm And Regroup USA Today August 28, 2020
Belarus Becomes A Bellwether Al-Hurra Digital August 17, 2020
New Mideast Peace Deal Reflects A Broader U.S. Strategy Newsweek August 17, 2020
Beijing Has Big Plans In The Middle East Newsweek August 10, 2020
What Iran Gets From The Strategic Deal With China Center for Global Policy Navigator no. 156 July 29, 2020
Iran's Coronavirus Crisis Continues Al-Hurra Digital July 23, 2020
China Outmaneuvers The Muslim World The Diplomat July 15, 2020
Tehran Just Sold Its Soul To Beijing Al-Hurra Digital July 10, 2020
Confronting China's Atrocities In Xinjiang Newsweek July 6, 2020
Putin Plots A Parallel Internet National Review July 3, 2020
The Fruits Of 'Maximum Pressure': An Increasingly Isolated Iran Newsweek June 25, 2020
Israel's Government Is Gambling On Annexation Al-Hurra Digital June 23, 2020
The Sino-American Competition Is Coming To Central Asia The National Interest June 21, 2020
Turkey And Iran Coordinate Against The Kurds Al-Hurra Digital June 11, 2020
The Iranian-Israeli Conflict Goes Online Al-Hurra Digital May 26, 2020
The Next Challenge To U.S.-Israeli Ties: China National Institute for Public Policy Information Series no. 459 May 21, 2020
U.S.-China Competition Will Change The Middle East Al-Hurra Digital May 11, 2020
How Iran Is Helping Venezuela Stay Afloat, For Now Washington Times May 5, 2020
How Morocco Is Managing The Pandemic Al-Hurra Digital April 24, 2020
Trump Puts U.S. Public Diplomacy On Notice The National Interest April 17, 2020
Iran's Coronavirus Coverup Radio Farda April 7, 2020
Syria Heads Toward A Health Crisis Al-Hurra Digital April 3, 2020
Here Comes Saudi Arabia's African Offensive The National Interest March 29, 2020
Iran's Current Crisis – And Its Next One Al-Hurra Digital March 24, 2020
Iran's Illness Comes From Asia Al-Hurra Digital March 16, 2020
Will Iran's Regime Survive Coronavirus? National Review March 12, 2020
Saudi Deradicalization Faces The Future Center for Global Policy Navigator no. 136 March 11, 2020
Venezuela's Refugee Crisis Is An International Emergency The Hill March 4, 2020
In Iran, An Electoral Flop National Review February 26, 2020
How The Revolutionary Guards Could Reshape Iran The National Interest February 24, 2020
The Risks Of Sino-Saudi Partnership Al-Hurra Digital February 20, 2020
Trump's Plan Forces Palestinian Choices Al-Hurra Digital January 31, 2020
How Demographics Could Spark Change in Iran The National Interest January 25, 2020
Putin's Demographic Revival Is A Pipe Dream The Moscow Times January 23, 2020
Iran Could Still Strike Back At The U.S. National Review January 20, 2020
Tehran Could Turn Trump Into A Regime Changer The Hill January 14, 2020
Exploiting Iran's Imperial Overstretch National Institute for Public Policy Information Series no. 451 January 7, 2020
The Real Start Of "Maximum Pressure" Against Iran The National Interest January 3, 2020
The Quest For A New Iranian Constitution The National Interest January 2, 2020
U.S.-Turkish Ties At A Tipping Point Al-Hurra Digital December 20, 2019
Iran's Imperial History Overshadows Its Future The National Interest December 16, 2019
The Problems Plaguing NATO The Hill December 11, 2019
Uprising Averted: Iran Completely Shut Down The Internet Within Its Own Borders. The National Interest November 27, 2019
Moscow's Middle East Balancing Act Al-Hurra Digital November 21, 2019
Iran's Economy Is A House Of Cards The Hill November 18, 2019
Iran's Nuclear Brinksmanship Is Bound To Backfire Radio Farda November 8, 2019
ISIS Leader Is Dead, But His Islamic State Terrorist Group Is Alive With Means To Thrive USA Today October 28, 2019
The New Faces Of Iranian Protest The National Interest October 27, 2019
How Moscow Inherited The Middle East Al-Hurra Digital October 24, 2019
How Turkey Sees Its Syria Invasion The Hill October 21, 2019
Trump's Syria Decision... And Its Consequences Al-Hurra Digital October 14, 2019
Iraq Pushes Back Against Iranian Influence Al-Hurra Digital October 8, 2019
Erdogan's Chinese Gamble The Diplomat October 4, 2019
What's Changed In Israel – And What Hasn't Al-Hurra Digital September 25, 2019
The Long Game For Iranian Democracy The National Interest September 24, 2019
A Formal US-Israeli Defense Pact Is Still A Bad Idea Jerusalem Post September 20, 2019
Saudi Strikes Are A Critical Test For Trump The Hill September 18, 2019
Iran's Struggling Space Program Could Be A Real Threat If It Ever Gets Off The Ground USA Today September 14, 2019
Will Israel Go To War Over Hezbollah's Precision-Guided Missiles? The National Interest September 13, 2019
China In The Middle East: Reshaping Regional Politics Middle East Quarterly Fall 2019
How America's Iran Outreach Is Missing In Action The Washington Times September 6, 2019
The Israeli-Iranian Cold War Heats Up The Hill August 27, 2019
China's Widening War On Muslims Al-Hurra Digital August 26, 2019
Why Iran Fears Its Women The National Interest August 13, 2019
A Resilient ISIS Roars Back Al-Hurra Digital August 12, 2019
Tehran's Risky Maritime Maneuver Radio Farda July 23, 2019
The "China Model" Comes To The Middle East Al-Hurra Digital July 17, 2019
Trump's Strategy Is Turning Europe Against Iran The Hill July 11, 2019
Making Sense Of The MeK The National Interest July 4, 2019
Political Earthquake In Istanbul The Hill June 26, 2019
How To Turn Iran's Tanker Mischief Against The Islamic Republic USA Today June 19, 2019
Dreaming Of A Deal With Russia Over Iran Radio Farda June 10, 2019
The Problem Confronting Trump's Peace Plan Al-Hurra Digital June 4, 2019
Iran's Crown Prince Strikes Back The National Interest May 29, 2019
Why US-Turkish Ties Won't Get Better The Hill May 24, 2019
Why Turkey's Erdogan Is Worried Al-Hurra Digital May 22, 2019
'Shadow Strike' – Insights Into Israel's Decision To Strike Syria Jerusalem Post May 8, 2019
Iran's War On Christianity The Washington Times May 7, 2019
The Real Iran Threat To The Strait of Hormuz (Causing Oil Prices To Skyrocket) The National Interest April 30, 2019
Ukraine's New President Volodymyr Zelensky Should Focus On These Four Policy Priorities USA Today April 26, 2019
Reforming U.S. Persian Language Media: A Preliminary Assessment AFPC Iran Strategy Brief No. 13 April 2019
Whatever Happened To The Palestinian Issue? Al-Hurra Digital April 16, 2019
What Israel's Elections Signify The Hill April 12, 2019
Trump's Signal To Tehran Radio Farda April 9, 2019
2020 Presidential Race: Top Democrats Support Iran's Hopes Instead Of Promising Sanctions USA Today March 24, 2019
Understanding Trump's Approach To Iran Radio Farda March 21, 2019
How Rabat Is Coping With ISIS Returnees Al-Hurra Digital March 13, 2019
After Summit Diplomacy Collapse, What's Donald Trump's North Korea Plan B? USA Today February 28, 2019
Refocusing On The Foreign Fighter Threat Al-Hurra Digital February 25, 2019
Technology Is Making Terrorists More Effective — And Harder To Thwart The National Interest February 22, 2019
The Limits Of Russo-Israeli Cooperation The Hill February 21, 2019
4 Key Takeaways From Director Of National Intelligence Dan Coats Testimony About Iran USA Today February 5, 2019
Welcome To The Age Of Local Jihad Al-Hurra Digital January 28, 2019
Marking Four Decades Of Iranian Decline The Washington Times January 25, 2019
Israel's Dangerous Dalliance With China Wall Street Journal January 14, 2019
Trump's Latest Moves Make Officials Jumpy In Jerusalem The Hill January 6, 2019
A Year Into Iran's Quiet Counterrevolution Al-Hurra Digital December 19, 2018
The Persistence Of The Islamic State The Washington Times December 18, 2018
How The United States And Europe Can Punish Russia For Ukraine Ship Attack USA Today November 30, 2018
Sea Of Azov Showdown: The Reasons Behind Russia's Renewed Aggression The National Interest November 28, 2018
Rethinking The Russo-Iranian Entente Al-Hurra Digital November 20, 2018
China's Investments In Israel Are A Double-Edged Sword Jerusalem Post November 9, 2018
Testing Trump's Iran Strategy The Washington Times October 30, 2018
Ankara And The Khashoggi Affair Al-Hurra Digital October 19, 2018
How The Middle East Can Help China's Muslims Al-Hurra Digital October 9, 2018
Fear And Loathing In Morocco The Washington Times September 20, 2018
Understanding Putin's Paranoid Style The National Interest September 1, 2018
Iran's Complicated Post-JCPOA Nuclear Path Iran Strategy Brief No. 11 August 2018
Iran's New Revolutionary Moment Al-Hurra Digital August 9, 2018
U.S.-Turkish Relations In A Tailspin The Washington Times August 8, 2018
Fight Against Terror Entering A New Phase, Still Just As Vital USA Today July 26, 2018
Syria And The Trump-Putin Parlay Al-Hurra Digital July 13, 2018
Optimizing America's Outreach Toward Iran The Washington Times June 28, 2018
How The Kremlin Exploits Counterterrorism The National Interest June 20, 2018
New Report: Iran's Influence In Syria Far Broader Than Commonly Understood Tablet May 31, 2018
The Islamic State Attacks Indonesia—And Its 'Middle Way' The Weekly Standard May 30, 2018
Uzbekistan's President Goes To Washington The National Interest May 24, 2018
Scrapping Iran Deal Provides A Trump Card With North Korea The Hill May 16, 2018
The End Of The JCPOA Era Al-Hurra Digital May 10, 2018
The Iran Deal Is Dead. Now What? The National Interest April 24, 2018
The Other Iranian Threat Al-Hurra Digital April 17, 2018
New Sanctions Rightly Tighten The Noose On Russia The Hill April 9, 2018
Trump's New Message To Iran The Washington Times March 28, 2018
The Limits Of Saudi Reform Al-Hurra Digital March 14, 2018
What Iran Can Teach Us About North Korea Summit USA Today March 12, 2018
Nervous In North Africa The Washington Times February 22, 2018
Iran's Uprising Pits The Country's Old Rulers Against Its Young Citizens The National Interest February 9, 2018
A Turkish-American Divorce? Al-Hurra Digital February 5, 2018
A New Approach To Iran U.S. News & World Report January 17, 2018
What To Watch For In Iran's Turmoil The Hill January 8, 2018
How Washington Can Influence The Outcome Of Protests In Iran The National Interest January 4, 2018
How To Support The Second "Persian Spring" USA Today January 2, 2018
What Trump's New Strategy Means For The Middle East Al-Hurra Digital December 21, 2017
Law Warriors Needed U.S. News & World Report December 19, 2017
Egypt's Population Bomb Al-Hurra Digital December 5, 2017
US Would Be Wise To Prepare For EMP Attacks On Its Cities The Hill November 29, 2017
Toward A New Uzbekistan U.S. News & World Report November 22, 2017
Iran's Imperial Project The Washington Times November 21, 2017
The Russian War On Terror The National Interest November 3, 2017
Targeting Iran's Revolutionary Guards AFPC Iran Strategy Brief No. 9 October 2017
President Trump Takes A Wise Middle Course On The Iran Nuclear Deal Orlando Sentinel October 20, 2017
Trump Takes Aim At The IRGC Al-Hurra Digital October 18, 2017
Prague's Eastward Turn U.S. News & World Report October 10, 2017
Why Trump Will Not Allow The Iran Deal To Stand The Hill September 29, 2017
Making Sense Of Russian Strategy In Syria Al-Hurra Digital September 22, 2017
Common Cause Against The Kurds Al-Hurra Digital August 30, 2017
President Trump Puts Pakistan On Notice In Afghanistan Speech USA Today August 23, 2017
Beware Iran's Jihadi Legion Al-Hurra Digital August 14, 2017
The Sorry State Of The Ukrainian Navy - And Why It Should Matter To America The National Interest August 11, 2017
Central Asia's Encouraging Development Foreign Affairs August 8, 2017
Still A Bad Deal U.S. News & World Report July 18, 2017
How Russian Rule Has Changed Crimea Foreign Affairs July 13, 2017
The Kremlin Needs To Address Russia's Demographic Crisis The Moscow Times June 13, 2017
Saudi Arabia Has Backed Qatar Into A Corner The National Interest June 8, 2017
Qatar Was A Double Agent In War On Terror USA Today June 6, 2017
The Danger Of Qatar's Duality U.S. News & World Report May 15, 2017
How Qatar Helped Hamas Get Its Groove Back The National Interest May 2, 2017
Blacklist The IRGC U.S. News & World Report April 25, 2017
Terrorism In Russia Foreign Affairs April 6, 2017
The JCPOA Helps Iran's Elites And Hurts Rouhani Foreign Affairs March 29, 2017
Dezinformatsiya 2.0 The Daily Beast March 3, 2017
Why Russia Won't Help Trump On Iran Foreign Affairs February 10, 2017
Trump's Ukraine Dilemma U.S. News & World Report February 6, 2017
The Future Of The Global War On Terror AFPC Defense Dossier Issue 18, December 2016
Peril In Peru Foreign Affairs January 18, 2017
Trump's Arsenal Against Iran USA Today December 29, 2016
Russia's Fraught Demographic Future Book chapter in the Jamestown Foundation's volume Russia in Decline Forthcoming 2017
Trump And Iran Foreign Affairs November 16, 2016
Russia's Road To Economic Ruin November 2, 2016
Iran And China Get Cozy Foreign Affairs October 28, 2016
Iran And China Get Cozy Foreign Affairs October 28, 2016
Morocco's Liberal Challengers Foreign Affairs October 5, 2016
Mother Russia Is Still Struggling With Demography The Moscow Times October 3, 2016
Egypt's Economy Is In Big Trouble The National Interest September 29, 2016
Iran And The New Monroe Doctrine Foreign Affairs September 2, 2016
Iran Agreement Won't Stop Growing Menace From Foe Orlando Sentinel August 31, 2016
Iran's Ahmadinejad Is Betting On A Comeback The National Interest August 26, 2016
Turkey's Coup Attempt Has Played Straight Into Erdogan's Hands National Review Online July 20, 2016
A Bitter Birthday For The Iran Deal U.S. News & World Report July 14, 2016
Ukraine's New Guard U.S. News & World Report July 6, 2016
Beware Russians Bearing Gifts Jerusalem Post June 28, 2016
The Real Reason For Brexit U.S. News & World Report June 27, 2016
Iran's Indian Opening Washington Times June 8, 2016
Morocco's Islamic Exports Foreign Affairs May 13, 2016
Al-Qaeda Resurrects Under ISIL Shadow USA Today May 13, 2016
Closing The Archives Foreign Affairs April 25, 2016
Putin Consolidates Domestic Power World Affairs Journal April 19, 2016
Obama's Iran Sanctions Bait-and-Switch National Review Online April 5, 2016
Why Russia Is Claiming Victory In Syria The National Interest March 24, 2016
No Means To Muster The Washington Times March 10, 2016
Russia's Risky Syria Strategy The Journal of International Security Affairs Winter 2016
Iranian 'Moderate' Victory Anything But USA Today March 1, 2016
An Ominous Election In Iran U.S. News & World Report March 1, 2016
Iran's Eurasian Adventure Foreign Affairs February 24, 2016
Strategic Priorities For The Next President inFocus Quarterly Winter 2016
The Kremlin's Selective Counterterrorism National Review Online January 27, 2016
Iran's Perilous Nuclear Lesson For North Korea The National Interest January 13, 2016
Fallout Ploy Foreign Affairs January 12, 2016
Iran Goes Big And Bold U.S. News & World Report January 5, 2016
NATO's Current Challenge... And Its Next Ones AFPC Defense Dossier November 2015
U.S. Must Lead War Against ISIS Inside Sources November 29, 2015
Iranian Devolution: Tehran Fights the Digital Future World Affairs Journal Fall 2015
A Role For China To Rein In Iran Wall Street Journal Asia November 18, 2015
Needed: A Strategy For Containing Iran National Review Online October 27, 2015
Ukraine's Memory Palace Foreign Affairs October 14, 2015
Putin Isn't Winning In Syria The Moscow Times October 13, 2015
Deciphering Russia's Syria Strategy USA Today September 29, 2015
Israel Braces For Obama's Bad Iran Deal September 16, 2015
Paradise Lost In Crimea Foreign Affairs September 9, 2015
Why Obama Will Open A US Embassy In Iran New York Post August 18, 2015
North Korea: Iran's Pathway To A Nuclear Weapon The National Interest August 13, 2015
Iran's European Enablers Politico Europe August 11, 2015
Flood Of Cash To Iran Dwarfs Marshall Plan USA Today July 28, 2015
Rebuilding The U.S.–Israel Alliance National Review Online July 14, 2015
Moscow's Baby Bust? Foreign Affairs July 9, 2015
Why Iran's Past Nuclear Actions Matter The National Interest June 23, 2015
Iran's Various Voices AFPC Iran Strategy Brief No. 7 June 2015
Turkey's Political Earthquake June 8, 2015
Turkey Key To Stopping Flow Of ISIL Recruits USA Today June 3, 2015
No Substitute For Seriousness In Iraq Washington Times May 28, 2015
The Economics Of Deterring Russia The National Interest May 22, 2015
What We Don't Know About Iran Could Hurt Us April 30, 2015
Iran: Isolated No Longer National Review Online April 27, 2015
5 Reasons Iran Nuke Deal Fails USA Today April 9, 2015
Kremlin Fight Club Foreign Affairs April 3, 2015
Netanyahu's Win World Affairs Journal March 21, 2015
Congress Must Derail Obama's Iran Debacle The National Interest March 18, 2015
Morocco's Counterterrorism Moment March 11, 2015
SYMPOSIUM: How Dangerous Is Vladimir Putin? The International Economy Winter 2015
The Message Behind Nemtsov's Murder U.S. News & World Report March 3, 2015
What Americans Really Think About Iran's Nukes The Hill February 26, 2015
Watch Africa In Fight Against ISIL USA Today February 25, 2015
A Global Popularity Contest The National Interest February 25, 2015
Ukraine: The West Has Promises To Keep National Review Online February 24, 2015
Rhetoric Versus Reality On Ukraine January 26, 2015
China's Newest Sphere Of Influence Wall Street Journal Asia January 23, 2015
Sony Hack Gives Cover To Iran USA Today December 30, 2014
A North American Missile-Defense Alliance? The National Interest December 21, 2014
Rage Comes To Russia Foreign Affairs December 8, 2014
Clock Is Ticking To Arm Ukraine USA Today November 17, 2014
Israel — Wild Card National Review Online November 4, 2014
Should We Be Worried About Iran's Moves In The Western Hemisphere? The National Interest October 31, 2014
Putting The Islamic State In Proper Context September 17, 2014
Confronting The Evolving Peril In Islamic Extremism Washington Times September 11, 2014
A Post-America South America inFocus Quarterly Summer 2014
Last Shot For Reality To Pierce Russian Fantasy USA Today August 25, 2014
Cutting The Caliphate Down To Size National Review Online August 14, 2014
The Great War, Again? U.S. News & World Report July 25, 2014
An Iranian-Turkish Reset Washington Times July 22, 2014
Iran Won't Slow Down On Ballistic Missiles USA Today July 18, 2014
Wanted: A Real War Of Ideas With Russia The National Interest July 3, 2014
A Moment Of Truth For Mahmoud Abbas July 1, 2014
The Once And Future Threat World Affairs Journal May-June 2014
Chaos In Syria Is Obama's Own Washington Times June 16, 2014
Adrift In The Middle East U.S. News & World Report June 10, 2014
Review of "Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon's Party of God" Middle East Quarterly Summer 2014
A Resounding Rejection Of Russia U.S. News & World Report May 28, 2014
Rouhani's Republic Of Fear National Review Online May 22, 2014
Learning The Pentagon's Secrets For Business Success May 21, 2014
U.S.-Turkey Ties In Danger USA Today May 13, 2014
Disclosure: Iran's New Diplomatic Weapon The American May 5, 2014
Why Iran's Missiles Matter Washington Times April 24, 2014
What Putin Is Costing Russia Wall Street Journal April 21, 2014
Western Policy, Post-Crimea National Review Online April 7, 2014
Russia Pivots Toward Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua Washington Times March 27, 2014
Some Silver Lining In The Ukraine Crisis U.S. News & World Report March 25, 2014
Putin's Costly Ukraine Policy The Moscow Times March 18, 2014
Getting Russia Wrong On Ukraine March 14, 2014
America Isn't Buying Al-Jazeera U.S. News & World Report March 11, 2014
Putin's Olympic Corruption USA Today February 21, 2014
Obama's Foreign Policy Fail USA Today January 29, 2014
High Stakes At The Olympic Winter Games In Sochi Washington Times January 24, 2014
Israel Keeps Its Options Open On Iran January 22, 2014
Colombia's Perilous Peace AFPC Defense Dossier December 2013
Russia Is Losing Against Radical Islam USA Today January 8, 2014
Behind The Bombings In Volgograd Wall Street Journal December 31, 2013
Putin's Ukrainian Gamble The American Spectator December 27, 2013
The Real Cost Of Geneva National Review Online December 17, 2013
Moscow Could Be Big Loser In Ukraine Protests USA Today December 10, 2013
Iran's Long List Of Broken Promises Washington Times December 6, 2013
After Geneva, Some Hard Choices For Jerusalem December 3, 2013
The Day The Music Died? National Review Online November 25, 2013
White House Could Help Birth Nuclear Iran USA Today November 18, 2013
Too Much Breathing Room For Iran U.S. News & World Report November 5, 2013
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